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RealNetwork created the RM file type to broadcast music and videos on cable channels and online radio stations. This format is especially common in Asia. Files with RM specifications contain audio and video data or a link to a streaming media file. Many smartphones such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, iPhone, and devices running the Google Android OS support the playback of RMs. Despite this, not all PC media players can open files in this format. If you encounter problems opening RM files, check the list below to learn how to play these files correctly.
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Technical Details
The RM format usually contains video and audio streams that are encoded with the proprietary, lossy compression method called Real Video or Real Audio, respectively. The video data is usually encoded with a constant bitrate, but a variable bitrate is also possible. The audio data can, however, be encoded using various compression methods. The RM format is used mainly for streamed content as it allows source materials of different quality levels to be generated and transmitted at the same time.
Associated Programs
RealPlayer, MPlayer, VLC, others