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How to Convert a WMV File to MOV Online?

Need to convert a WMV file to MOV format? Before installing some random freeware you found on the Internet and putting your computer at risk, try our simple and speedy online tool. You can use this online WMV-to-MOV converter for free to convert files under 100 MB. You’ll be able to change the format of your files in just a few minutes. The converter supports not only WMV and MOV but also many other file formats. You can even convert audio files with it, too.
This is how to change formats with our WMV-to-MOV converter online:
Add your WMV file.
Choose MOV as the target format.
Click Convert.

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Is your WMV file over 100 MB? Try our premium desktop app!

Online WMV-to-MOV Converter vs. Desktop Converter

Online Converter – Free

  • No charge
  • Limited file size
  • 17 input and output media formats
  • Free trial
  • Unlimited file size
  • Batch conversion
  • 180+ input and output media formats

How to Convert from WMV to MOV on Windows and Mac?

The online video converter supports only files under 100 MB. So, if you need to convert a larger media file, we suggest using SuperSpeed Video Converter. This software is a great option if you need to convert large files or batches of videos quickly and easily. It is designed for those with little or no experience in converting files. The program’s intuitive interface makes the whole process simple enough even for beginners.

Step 1.Install and Run SuperSpeed Converter

Download the file and open it. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the program. After completing the installation process, double-click the converter icon on the desktop to start the program.

Step 2.Add Your WMV File

Press the Add Media button in the upper-left corner of the interface and choose Add Video. In the dialog box, find the files you need, select them, and hit Open. Or you can simply drag and drop your files into the program.

Step 3.Choose MOV as the Target Format

In the lower part of the screen, open the Video tab and choose the MOV profile group. In the dropdown menu, find the option that is best for your needs.

Step 4.Convert WMV to MOV

Click the Folder icon to select the destination folder, then hit Convert. Wait for a few seconds while the video is converted. Once this is done, the export folder will open automatically.

SuperSpeed Video Converter is a powerful, fast, and error-free application available for MacOS and Windows. So download it to your Mac or PC and convert your media files any time you want!