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How to Convert MTS to MP4 on Windows and Mac

MTS is the file format used to record and play high-resolution videos. As an enhanced version of the MPEG-2 Transport Stream format, it is used mainly on the latest video cameras and Blu-Ray discs. These files use AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) technology and support both 720p and 1080i resolutions.

Files with the .mts extension can usually be opened with applications installed on high-definition video cameras or Blu‑Ray video players, but if you want to play an MTS file on a portable media player or mobile device, you need to convert it to a more flexible format, such as MP4. This format is compatible with almost all media players and devices, so you won’t have any trouble opening or editing with it. This article describes the three main ways to convert MTS to MP4, one of which will surely work for you.

Part 1. Use the SuperSpeed MTS-to-MP4 Converter

SuperSpeed Video Converter – a quick way to convert MTS to MP4 on Windows or Mac

  • Convert MTS to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MPEG, and many other video formats
  • Extract audio from video and save it as MP3, WAV, or M4A
  • Get high-speed conversion while retaining the highest possible quality
  • Create custom presets with the settings you need
  • The Device Detection feature automatically chooses the most appropriate preset for your device
  • Edit your videos before converting – stabilize, trim, add subtitles and watermarks, and more.
  • Download the version that’s right for your operating system: Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Mac OS X® 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12

One of the simplest and easiest ways to convert MTS to MP4 is to use the SuperSpeed Video Converter. It works wonders, combining a user-friendly interface and powerful functionality. Convert one or multiple files simultaneously and be sure you’ll always get stunning quality. Just download the program and follow this step-by-step guide to convert your MTS files to MP4 in no time.

Step 1.Install and Launch the MTS Converter

Download the SuperSpeed Video Converter for Windows or Mac. Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install the software on your computer. After the process is complete, launch the program.

Step 2.Choose the MTS Files for Conversion

Click the Add Media button and then Add Video in the upper left corner. In the new window, locate one or more files you want to convert and click Open. All the files will appear in the program window.

Step 3.Specify the Target Format

Open the Video tab at the bottom of the converter interface, select MP4, and choose the preset that best meets your needs. If you want to create an MP4 video for a specific mobile device, click the Devices tab and choose the appropriate preset.

Step 4.Start MTS-to-MP4 Conversion

To choose a destination folder other than the default, click the Directory icon, browse to the folder you need, and click Select Folder. When all the required settings have been specified, you can start converting your files by clicking Convert. When the conversion process is complete, the folder containing the converted videos will open automatically.

As you can see, the SuperSpeed Video Converter is pretty simple and convenient. In addition to converting MTS to MP4, this software can convert videos to any of 180+ supported formats; you can even use it to edit your video. Whichever formats you want to convert, the result will always be perfect. Download the program and see it for yourself!

Part 2. Use an MTS-to-MP4 Converter That’s Free

Another way to change the format of your video is to use a free conversion program such as VLC Media Player. This approach requires some knowledge of codecs and formats and as such may be challenging for a less experienced user. However, the app is free, so it’s worth checking out.

Step 1.Download and Run the Free Video Converter

Download the freeware installation file from the official VLC website.

Go to the VLC website

Run the file and follow the instructions. When the installation is complete, launch the program.

Step 2.Add the MTS Files to the Program

Launch the program, open the Media menu and select the Convert / Save option.

In the new window, click Add and select the files you want to convert. Then click the Convert / Save button.

Step 3.Select the Output File Format

In the Profile list, select one of the two following profiles: either Video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4) or Video - H.265 + MP3 (MP4). Unfortunately, these are the only options for converting to MP4 supported by the program.

Step 4.Choose the Target Folder and Start the Conversion

If you selected just one file for conversion, click the Browse button in the lower part of the program window, enter a name for the new file and choose the folder where you want to save your file. If you selected multiple files, they will be saved to their original folder under the same names. Although the converted files will have a different extension, there’s still a chance they’ll get mixed up, so you may want to check the box in the bottom left corner to add “-converted” to the names of your converted video files. And finally, click Start to launch the conversion process.

Using freeware may be not easy and can sometimes be buggy, so it’s not always the best way to convert your video files. However, there’s a third option, which is to use an online converter. Read more about this approach below.