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How to Convert MP4 to FLV on Windows and Mac

MP4 is a popular video format that is supported by most media players around the world. This technology is based on Apple’s QuickTime MOV format, but adds support for other features like storing subtitles and still images. The FLV format is used to deliver digital content such as film clips, TV shows, and much more. Although it is not as popular as MP4, some sites still recommend that you upload videos in FLV. In these instances, you need to convert MP4 to FLV.

But what about how to do MP4-to-FLV conversion? In this article, we discuss three ways in which you can change the format of your video using different types of MP4-to-FLV converters – SuperSpeed Video Converter, a freeware program, and an online platform. Read our detailed guide and choose the approach that works for you!

Part 1. Convert Your Files with the SuperSpeed MP4-to-FLV Converter

SuperSpeed Video Converter – an Easy Way to Transform MP4 to FLV on Windows or Mac

  • Easily convert MP4 to FLV, MKV, AVI, WMV, and many other video formats
  • Try the batch conversion that transforms multiple files at once
  • Transfer converted files to iPhone, iPad, or any other device
  • Device Detection identifies your device automatically for the right preset
  • Edit your clips – stabilize shaky videos, add titles and watermarks, crop, rotate, and much more
  • Get the right version for you: Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Mac OS X® 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12

If you want to convert your videos quickly and without loss of quality, try SuperSpeed Video Converter – one of the most effective and easy-to-use programs for video conversion. An intuitive interface makes the program accessible even for users with no experience of video processing. Read the following short guide to learn how to use this MP4-to-FLV converter.

Step 1.Install and Run the MP4 Converter

Download the installation file and run it on your computer. Go through the installation process, selecting the options that are relevant for you. After the installation is complete, double-click the converter icon to run the program.

Step 2.Add the Files You Want to Convert

To add videos for conversion, click Add Media in the upper left corner and select the Add Video option. Choose the files you need in the new window and click Open. The selected files will be added to the program.

Step 3.Select FLV as the Target Format

In the lower part of the program window, you’ll find the Video tab. Click it to open the profiles for different video formats. Select the FLV (Flash Video) profile group. In the drop-down list, choose the FLV preset that meets your needs.

Step 4.Transform MP4 to FLV

To specify the destination folder for your converted videos, click the button with the Directory icon. In the Choose Directory window, browse for the folder and confirm your choice. After choosing the folder, click Convert to start processing.

If you want to convert MP4 to FLV quickly and without loss of quality, SuperSpeed Video Converter is definitely a leading option. Besides converting, you can also edit your videos using the stabilization tool, as well as crop, flip, rotate – and there is more for you to try. Download the appropriate version of the software and see for yourself – video conversion is easy!

Part 2. Use a Free MP4-to-FLV Converter

Another way to convert your files is to use an MP4-to-FLV converter that’s free. However, such programs often lack options, support a limited range of input and output formats, or lose significant quality during the conversion process loss. Some users may prefer these solutions if their needs are simple and their budget is tight. You can try a freeware program like Avidemux to see if this approach works for you.

Step 1.Download and Install the Free Converter

Download the Windows or Mac version of the program from the website.

Go to the Avidemux page

Run the installation file and follow the instructions. After the installation is complete, double-click the icon to launch the app.

Step 2.Add MP4 Files to the Converter

In the program window, move the cursor to the upper left corner and click the File menu, then choose Open. This opens a new window where you can search for the MP4 file you want to convert. This program doesn’t support batch conversion, so you can only convert one file at a time.

Step 3.Change the Output Format to FLV

On the left side of the program window, open the list under the Video Output title and choose FLV1 (Flash). Then open the list under Audio Output and choose one of the AAC options. Click on the drop-down list under Output Format and choose FLV Muxer.

Step 4.Choose the Folder and Convert the Files

When you’re ready, click File again and choose the Save option. After clicking, a new window will appear, where you can specify the destination folder. To save your videos, click Save.