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Which FLV-to-MP3 Converter to Choose

FLV (Flash Video) is a file format developed for streaming videos online. Over the past 20 years, Flash Video has been one of the top container file formats on the Internet. It has been used for storing videos on many popular video hosting platforms, including YouTube and Twitch. Even though Flash is gradually being replaced by HTML5 video, you can still find and download many FLV files on the web.

Want to extract audio from an FLV video and listen to it on your portable device? The easiest way is to convert the video to MP3. MP3 is no doubt one of the most popular audio file formats and is supported on almost every device, unlike FLV.

In the guide below, we cover how to convert FLV files to MP3 in three different ways – with SuperSpeed Video Converter, with freeware, or via an online conversion tool. Read our guide and pick the option that best suits your needs.

Part 1. How to Convert FLV to MP3 with SuperSpeed Converter

SuperSpeed Video Converter – Easy-to-use Software to Convert FLV to MP3 on Windows or Mac

  • Save the audio track from an FLV video as an MP3, WAV, or M4A file
  • Convert FLV to MP4, MPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV, and other video formats
  • Process individual files or batches of files at high speed and without any loss in quality
  • Transfer the converted files to your tablet, phone, or music player
  • Use the Device Detection feature to automatically set the appropriate export settings for your device
  • Download a version for your computer set-up: Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/10 or MacOS® 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12

If you’re looking for a user-friendly program to turn your FLVs to MP3, SuperSpeed Video Converter is one of the best solutions available. It changes the file format really quickly, ensures high-quality converted files, and offers many useful editing features. Read the instructions below to learn how the converter works.

Step 1.Install and Open the FLV-to-MP3 Converter

First, download the installation file and install the software on your computer following the on-screen prompts. Then run SuperSpeed Video Converter.

Step 2.Upload the FLV Files to the App

Now you need to upload your media files to the program. Click the Add Media button in the top left corner of the program window and choose Add Video. You can also drag and drop your video files into the program window.

Step 3.Choose the Desired Audio Format for Conversion

To select the format for conversion, click the Audio tab in the lower part of the program window. Find the MP3 profile group and choose the appropriate MP3 preset.

Step 4.Start Converting FLVs to MP3

Hit the Folder button to specify the destination folder for the output files. To start converting your video files, click the Convert button.

Converting media files with SuperSpeed Video Converter is pretty quick and simple. So if you want to convert your videos to MP3 at high speed and without losing quality, you should definitely check this software out.

Part 2. How to Use an FLV-to-MP3 Converter That’s Free and Where to Download It

The second approach to converting video files to MP3 is to use a freeware program, for example VLC Media Player. The software supports most popular video formats. However, this option does have some downsides, since freeware converters often convert more slowly, can negatively impact quality, and offer limited features. But if you don’t need advanced functionality, this option is worth a try.

Step 1.Download and Install the FLV-to-MP3 Converter That’s Free

To use the FLV to MP3 converter that’s free, download it from the VLC website.

Go to the VLC website

Open the installation file and launch the program on your computer. Next, open your media player.

Step 2.Add Files for Conversion

Click the Media button in the top left corner to add files to the converter. In the menu that opens, select Convert / Save.

Click the Add button, select the video files you want to convert to MP3, and click Convert / Save.

Step 3.Set the New Format for the Files

Next, you need to change the output format to MP3. Open the list next to the Profile caption and choose the only available MP3 preset – Audio - MP3.

Step 4.Convert Your FLVs to MP3 for Free

To specify the destination folder for the converted files, click Browse at the bottom of the same window. After you select the folder, enter the file name. Note that if you convert more than one file at a time, you can’t change the file names or the destination folder. The converted files will be saved to the folder containing the original files by default. Click the Start button to begin the conversion.