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How to Convert AVCHD to MP4

AVCHD is a video format developed for recording and storing HD videos that was originally introduced in 2006 by Panasonic and Sony. AVCHD provides high-quality video and relatively smaller file sizes. It is, however, compatible with many devices, especially mobile devices. So if you want to watch videos on almost any device, it’s better to convert them to MP4 first, since this format is supported on computers, TVs, DVD players, and mobile devices.

In the guide below, we cover how to convert AVCHD files to MP4. There are a few different ways to change file format, so read the guide and choose the option that works best for you.

Part 1. Convert Files with the SuperSpeed AVCHD Converter

SuperSpeed Video Converter – a quick and easy way to convert AVCHD to MP4

  • Easily convert AVCHD to MP4 and MP4 to AVCHD, AVI, MPEG, MOV, and other popular formats
  • Enjoy fast conversion speed for both individual and multiple files
  • Use the Device Detection feature to identify your device and automatically select the best settings
  • Edit your video – crop, rotate, stabilize, add subtitles and watermarks, and more
  • Upload converted files to any device
  • Choose the appropriate version for your PC: Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Mac OS X® 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12

The SuperSpeed Video Converter is one of the best ways to convert media files. This software has a user-friendly interface so it will only take you a few minutes to change the format of your videos from AVCHD to MP4. Just download the SuperSpeed Video Converter and follow the guide below!

Step 1.Install and Run SuperSpeed Video Converter

Download the installation file and install the software on your computer following the onscreen prompts. After the installation is complete, launch the AVCHD converter.

Step 2.Add Files to the Program

Hit the Add Media button in the top left corner of the program window. Then, click Add Video and in the dialog box choose the files you want to convert.

Step 3.Select the Target Format

Find the Video tab in the lower part of the program window. Next, click on the MP4 profile group and select the appropriate MP4 preset in the drop-down list.

Step 4.Convert AVCHD to MP4

To choose your output folder, click Folder in the bottom right of the program window and specify a destination folder. Click the Convert button to start converting your media files to MP4.

If you want to change the format of your media files without losing quality, SuperSpeed Video Converter is definitely worth a try. With this software, you can also easily convert a collection of your favourite movies to watch on a mobile device as well as reduce file size, enhance video quality, and much more!

Part 2. Use a Free AVCHD Converter

The second option is to convert AVCHD to MP4 for free, for example, using the VLC Media Player freeware program. The software supports most popular formats, such as AVI, MOV, and MPEG-2. This way of converting files is significantly slower than with SuperSpeed Video Converter, but if you’re looking for a free AVCHD converter and don’t need any advanced options, this is one of the best programs to try.

Step 1.Download and Install VLC Media Player

Download the media player for Windows or Mac from the VLC website.

Go to the VLC website

Open the downloaded file and install the freeware app. After installation is complete, run the media player.

Step 2.Add Video Files to the Program

Open the Media menu in the top left corner of the program window and select Convert / Save.

Hit the Add button to add files. In the new window, select the files you want to convert. Next, click the Convert / Save button.

Step 3.Choose the Target Format

Open the list next to the Profile caption and change the video format to Video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4).

Step 4.Convert Files to MP4

Once you’ve chosen the output format, click Browse in the lower part of the same window. Select the target folder and enter the file name. Note that, if you convert more than one file, you can’t choose a different destination folder or change file names; your videos will be saved to the folder with the original files by default. Click the Start button to start converting your files.