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What is WTV?

Full name
Windows Recorded TV Show
Format type
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WTV (Windows Recorded TV show) is a video format created by Microsoft. The WTV format has now replaced DVR-MS, which was used in earlier versions of Windows Media Center. A file with WTV specifications can contain video, sound, textual information, and other data. WTV supports DRM – a digital rights management system that protects digital media copyright. Dealing with WTV files can be a challenge for users, with the most common problem being the lack of integrated software that supports playback of WTV files. Check the list below if you’re unsure how to open WTV files.
File extension
Technical details
WTV files are created with the help of the Stream Buffer Engine from TV content recordings made with Windows Media Center. Recorded footage of the WTV file type can be played in Windows Media Center. Inside WTV files, video data is encoded in h.264, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4, and audio data in Dolby Digital AC-3 or MPEG-1 Layer II.
Associated programs
Microsoft Windows Media Center