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What is SND?

Full name
Digital Sound File Format
Format type
Developed by
Sun Microsystems
SND is a generic audio format developed by Sun Microsystems. The SND format is used on Sun, NeXT, and Macintosh computers. We’ve provided the specifications below for the SND file type.
File extension
Technical details
An SND file can contain audio data specific to the series of classic Mac OS (e.g., games developed for these OS store sound in SND files), a sample created with an AKAI MPC workstation, or other audio files. We’ve listed some of the programs that support the playback of SND files below. Refer to this list if you’re not sure how to open this type of audio file.
Associated programs
You can play SND files with Winamp, VLC, QuickTime Player, Windows Media Player, and RealPlayer.

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