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What is RA?

Full name
Format type
Developed by
The RA format was created by RealNetworks and was initially released in 1995. The RA file type is primarily used for streaming audio content that is played while downloading. However, this format is gradually falling out of favor and is being replaced by more up-to-date audio formats. For this reason, some users may experience problems playing back RA audio. If you’re wondering how to open RA files, check the associated programs below.
File extension
.ra, .ram
Technical details
Files with RA specifications contain audio streams encoded with RealAudio technology that uses different kinds of lossless codecs. RA file playlists have the extension .rm. They contain a list of .ra files that you need to upload to a media player to play them in the order they’re listed. The RA format is also used in RealMedia, mostly together with RealVideo. RA can also be used in the MKV format.
Associated programs
VLC and Real Player