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What is OGA?

Full name
Ogg Audio
Format type
Developed by
Xiph.Org Foundation
oga. extension was created by Xiph.Org Foundation for audio files in the Ogg format. So when we talk about files in the OGA format, we’re actually referring to Ogg files with the .oga extension. These files contain primarily audio data, but can also include lyrics or cover art. If you don’t know how to open .oga files for playback, use one of the programs mentioned below.
File extension
Technical details
The .oga file type can contain audio compressed with lossy codecs (e.g., Opus, Vorbis) or lossless coding formats (e.g., FLAC, OggPCM). Ogg’s specification is simple and flexible, which allows for easier support of new codecs.
Structurally, the bitstream in .oga files consists of data units called Ogg pages. Each Ogg page contains packet segments of 255 bytes.
Associated programs
Players that support .oga files: Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, and VLC. You can also play .oga audio with QuickTime Player if you install the Xiph Ogg QuickTime Component.