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What is MPA?

Full name
MPEG-2 Audio File
Format type
Developed by
Moving Picture Experts Group
The MPA format was initially an extension of MPEG-1 Audio Layer II, created by the Moving Picture Experts Group. Later, MPA was updated to the MPEG-2 specification. This file type is primarily used in audio streaming and online conferencing tools, but you can also use it for audio playback. If you don't know how to play MPA files, check the list below to see which programs can open MPAs.
File extension
Technical details
MPA is a lossy audio format that provides high-quality stereo sound at about 192 kbit/s. MPA shows high audio-coding performances on important audio material such as symphony orchestras, the human voice, and percussive sounds. This format is also known for its impressive compression rate with minimal quality loss. However, users tend to prefer MP3 because it’s compatible with more players and devices.
Associated programs
iTunes, QuickTime Player, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer Cloud, and VLC