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What is MP2?

Full name
MPEG-1 Audio Layer II
Format type
Developed by
Moving Picture Experts Group
The MP2 format was created by the Moving Picture Experts Group. The MP2 file type evolved from the classic MPEG-1 format and is used to compress audio files. With this lossy compression, inaudible sound is filtered out and not processed. Although audio formats like MP3 are more popular, MP2 is still the standard for sound playback in digital television and radio. Check the table below to learn how to open MP2 audio tracks and which programs can play them.
File extension
Technical details
Files with MP2 specifications support one or two channels, sampling rates from 32 to 48 kHz and bit rates from 32 to 320 kbit/s. MP2 also supports additional bit rates and sampling rates as well as multi-channel audio. Sometimes audio data within an MP2 file can be encoded with the mostly backwards-compatible MPEG-2 Layer II.
Associated programs
iTunes, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, and RealOne