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What is MKA?

Full name
Matroska Audio
Format type
Developed by
MKA, also known as Matroska Audio, is an extension of the Matroska container format created by the Matroska development team in 2002. The MKA format can be used in many different ways, from downloading audio from the internet to storing an entire music album in one file. If you don’t know how to open and play MKA files, check the associated programs list below.
File extension
Technical details
The open-source Matroska format uses different file extensions for different types of media. The function of the .mka extension is audio playback. According to the published specifications, the MKA file type supports a wide variety of codecs, including MP3, AAC, and Vorbis. Since MKA is a multimedia container, it may also contain lyrics or subtitles in the SRT format.
Associated programs
VLC and Media Player Classic

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