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What is MJPEG?

Full name
Motion JPEG
Format type
Developed by
Joint Photographic Experts Group
The Joint Photographic Experts Group created the Motion JPEG file type. MJPEG is a video compression format that compresses each video frame as a separate JPEG image. The MJPEG format was initially developed for multimedia applications. Now, non-linear video editors and video-capture devices can also use this format. You can review the list of associated programs to learn how to open MJPEG files and which programs can play them.
File extension
Technical details
There is no universal specification for Motion JPEG, so each file format has its own standard on how MJPEG is encoded. MJPEG files don't contain any audio, as they are simply sequences of JPEG images. That’s why MJPEG videos are usually added to AVI or other container formats for playback.
Associated programs
Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, VLC, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera