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What is M2V?

Full name
MPEG-2 Video Stream
Format type
Developed by
Moving Picture Experts Group
The Moving Picture Experts Group created the M2V format as a video-only format. The audio track is stored in a separate accompanying file. The M2V format is widely used in DVD and video compression, as well as in digital television. M2V serves as a standard that defines the structure of transport streams and data transmission methods. Review the list of associated programs to learn how to open M2V files and which apps can play this file type.
File extension
Technical details
Videos with M2V specifications are mainly used for video editing. They, together with M2A audio files, are most often generated during the so-called demuxing (demultiplexing) of an MPG (MPEG) video file. M2V files only contain the video stream that is compressed with the lossy MPEG-2 method. In principle, most video playback programs should be able to handle M2V files. If your software doesn’t support playback of M2Vs, changing the extension to .mpg may help.
Associated programs
Windows Media Player, VLC, Winamp, and RealPlayer