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What is M2T?

Full name
HDV Video File
Format type
Developed by
JVC created the M2T file type to store high-definition videos recorded with an HDV camcorder. M2T files are also widely used to store video and audio content on Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and other storage media. M2T files are used in AVCHD – a high-resolution video recording format which is a simpler version of the BDAV standard. If you’d like to know how to open and play M2Ts without encountering compatibility issues, check the programs that support playback of these files below.
File extension
Technical details
The M2T format uses a MPEG-2 transport stream container. Files with M2T specifications contain video data with a 1280 × 720 resolution (progressive) or 1440 × 1080 (interlaced or progressive) and audio data that is either PCM or MPEG-1 Layer II encoded.
Associated programs
Windows Media Player and MPlayer