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What is F4V?

Full name
Flash MP4 Video File
Format type
Developed by
Adobe Systems (originally developed by Macromedia)
The F4V file type, like FLV, is an extension of the Flash Video format. Adobe Systems created the F4V format in 2007 to replace the FLV format. As F4V is simply an improved version of FLV, it is used for the same purpose: streaming embedded videos on the internet. If you are not sure how to open and play F4V files, check the associated programs list below.
File extension
Technical details
Because it uses the H.264 codec, F4V requires more computing power than FLV but has better video quality. Another significant difference is F4V’s support for the 3GPP Timed Text specification that is a standardized subtitle format. Also, Flash Player supports hardware-accelerated video playback for F4V files.
Associated programs
Adobe Flash Player, Windows Media Player, Windows Photo Gallery Viewer, and VLC

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