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The AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate) format was created by the Third Generation Partnership Project. Files with the AMR specifications are compressed audio files optimized for recording speech on cell phones. Unlike many other audio formats used on digital devices, the sound quality of AMR files leaves much to be desired. This is because the AMR format is designed for voice recording rather than playback of high-quality audio. The AMR file type uses different codecs, which is why it may sometimes be challenging to open. If you want to know how to play AMRs correctly, check out the associated programs below.
Developed by
Third Generation Partnership Project
File Extension
.amr, .3ga
Technical Details
The format is based on the ACELP adaptive speech coding/decoding algorithm, which provides a series of eight-bit rates. Using this algorithm, you can switch to different recording modes depending on external conditions. There are two types of AMR files: AMR-NB (narrowband) and AMR-WB (wideband). Wideband audio supports a broader range of frequencies and thus provides better sound quality.
Associated Programs
QuickTime Player, VLC, RealPlayer