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AIFC, or AIFF-C, was created by Apple as an extension of the AIFF format. Since the original AIFF format could store only uncompressed audio, the developers wrote a new specification for AIFC and added support for compressed audio.
AIFC is mostly used for audio storage and playback on Mac computers. If you don’t know how to play AIFC files, try to open them with one of the programs mentioned below.
Developed by
Apple Inc.
File Extension
Technical Details
Structurally, AIFC files consist of data chunks. The Common Chunk includes fields for the compression type, which allows the AIFC format to support audio with any compression algorithms. The AIFC file type can also contain uncompressed audio – in this case, the compression type will be identified as “none”.
Associated Programs
iTunes, QuickTime Player, Media Player Classic, VLC.