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AC3 (Audio Codec 3) was created by Dolby Laboratories in 1991. The AC3 format supports surround sound and is used in video games, DVDs, and movie theaters. Below, we’ve provided specifications for the AC3 file type, along with a list of programs that can play AC3 files.
Developed by
Dolby Laboratories
File Extension
Technical Details
AC3 files are compressed with a lossy compression algorithm. They can have up to six channels: five channels for normal-range speakers and one for a low-frequency subwoofer. The six channels create the surround sound system. Below, we’ve listed some of the programs that support the playback of AC3 files. Refer to this list if you’re not sure how to open this type of audio track.
Associated Programs
Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, VLC, MPlayer, Winamp